Paul Yates Art partners with a diverse and discerning client base: corporate collectors, architects and interior designers, seekers of original works of art which successfully balance creative and commercial integrities. Painting, sculpture, film and other projects are managed with constant diligence to fulfil agreed briefs to the highest creative standards, budget and schedule. Initial consultations are free of charge and followed-up with a concept document detailing projected costs, payment terms and production schedule. Each client has a personal vision, each project is different. We pride ourselves on realising their full potential.

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Chartered Accountants Hill Vellacott sponsored I MUST NOT WRITE POETRY IN CLASS, an exhibition of paintings by Paul Yates at the Tom Caldwell Gallery as part of Belfast Festival at Queen’s University, 2007.

The TABULA RASA series of blackboard paintings was inspired by an incident at Yates’s high school when as a young teenager he was expelled for writing a poem during a mathematics examination and forced to write on a black board one hundred times, I MUST NOT WRITE POETRY IN CLASS. Less than a week later the poem concerned was broadcast on BBC Radio by Sam Hanna Bell and Yates was reinstated at his school.

‘The most unusual exhibition at this year’s festival, drawing record attendances, is by Paul Yates. The key work is TABULA RASA, twenty four feet long and five feet deep, a masterly orchestration of reimagined blackboard imagery and the biggest painting ever shown at the Tom Caldwell Gallery.’

Jenny Lee, Irish News


This commission, for a group of nursing homes in Staffordshire, involved the making and installation of ‘Rain Angels’ inspired by Yates’s observation of hammocks of dew filled spider webs reflecting light amongst randomly stacked railway sleepers.

The ‘Rain Angels’ motif was utilized in a corporate Christmas card and limited edition set of stamps, published to create a special ‘First Day Cover’ for dispatch to key clients and for sale at charity fund raising events.

‘In rain, snow or sunshine, the stark simplicity of Yates’s Rain Angels and the highly variable shadow works they cast at different times of day and with the changing of the seasons, is truly mesmeric. Understated yet distinctive the Rain Angels are an example of a successful external sculpture commission, well conceived, sited and installed.’

Julia Curry, Country Life


Paul Yates created this image by drawing with a finger in condensation formed upon a window pane.

The commission brief was to create a work which reflected Zen philosophy. The image was filmed as it gradually evaporated and disappeared leaving behind only clear glass and the view beyond.


Liquid Sculpture

This bottle was one of a limited edition of 19 reserved for sale on behalf of local charities. Literally a liquid sculpture in the form of a melted original Snowhead made from Mourne snow, earth, miscellaneous flora, fauna and forest duff.



Brown Thomas were seeking an exclusive item for St. Valentine’s Day. The commission involved the reproduction of an original drawing by Paul Yates made in 1971. “The Lovers”, in a limited edition of 51.