THE LOVERS is a superb example of
economy of line and space depicting the
intensity and grace of two lovers lost in
each other’s arms. The original pen and
ink drawing was made by Paul Yates in
1971. Decades later he revisited the
image in the form of the poem below.
Lord Glentoran, Patron


Inside the mind of this poem the
Memory of their embrace is frozen
Still. That far away close-up look in
Their eyes, the deep warm well of
Their kisses, holding hands so tightly
Inside each other’s pockets never to
Let go of their misty freeze-frame
Forever moment. As fixed in their
Hearts as an image on a Tarot card.

The image of THE LOVERS captures that forever moment
when two lovers hold themselves so closely, so completely,
that they never want to let go.

Whether to mark a new relationship, engagement, wedding or other special occasion, THE LOVERS is the perfect gift to express how you feel about the special someone in your life.

Framed and presented in a premium gift box each print is titled and signed in monogram by the artist.

A gift to be treasured.

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