Just released – The England Series

THE ENGAND SERIES: Limited edition prints from Paul Yates Art.

Unique in contemporary British art, Paul Yates has sustained a highly original and compelling creative output across poetry, painting and film-making for some four decades. Reclusive, he declines interviews and operates from the quiet seclusion of his patrons’, Lord and Lady Glentoran, county Antrim country estate.

‘The England Series features a diverse range of English cultural icons portrayed with a singular imagination and respect, revealing key aspects of the collective soul of the Nation. Other images are in development and I am confident the series will build into an important body of work alongside the successes of Yates’s previous TAROT and STORYBOARD series.’ Lord Glentoran

‘Paul Yates is a true polymath, his poetry, paintings and films are all underscored by creative risk taking and visionary energy. This latest series surprises yet again with a truly original group of stunning English icons deftly rendered by an artist at the height of his powers. Published on fine grain canvas and supplied rolled between acid free tissue papers, each print will be signed and numbered by the artist for framing to individual preference.

The series edition is limited to 51, each print costs from £180 including Royal Mail insurance, packing and tracked dispatch.

Full information from paulyatesart.com where you will also find examples of the full range of Yates’s works.’ Michael Wilson, M.D. Zurich



A classic English Rose debutante from 1960 viewed through the dimpled lens of a champagne bubble, speckled with vibratos of old world pheasant and peacock feathers and hinting at the age of psychedelia that was to come.


The JCB ‘FOSSER ‘statue, its heavyweight architecture appearing weightless amidst the colours and tones of butterflies drawn to its warm as oven doors metal on a summer afternoon.


The portrait of a snowman from the area in the Cotswolds that annually receives the first fall of winter snow. Seemingly random mark making reveals real depth of character in this unusual portrait subject.


The symbol of ‘their finest hour’ portrayed with a camouflage pattern from the wings of a High Brown Fritillery butterfly, Britain’s rarest species of butterfly. The name label references an actual Spitfire from 1940 and the scientific classification of the butterfly concerned.


The spirit of Edward Thomas’s quintessentially English poem is powerfully evoked with this deceptively simple composition of railway station sign and fragment of opening line and blackbird expressed in shadow tones.

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