Scottish Works by Paul Yates at Frazer Gallery, St Andrews

On view and by appointment from 10th June 2022 Unique amongst contemporary British artists Paul Yates has sustained a highly original and compelling creative output across, poetry, painting and film-making for over four decades. His poetry has been translated into several languages, his films Have won various international awards and his paintings feature in important private, public and royal collections. Recently […]
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Lord Glentoran commissions Paul Yates to mark Platinum Jubilee.

This Jubilee portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was inspired by the artist’s  childhood memories of watching late night BBC television close downs  in which the Queen appeared on horseback in grainy black and white,  trooping the colour while the national anthem was played. After the  television set was switched off, Yates would kneel before the screen and  watch intensely as […]
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Paul Yates reads haiku at Robert Graves House, Dey’a, Mallorca.

Paul Yates gave a private reading to a group of Americans at the museum home of celebrated poet Robert Graves, in Dey’a, Mallorca, on May 9th MMXXII.  Yates closed his reading with his most recent haiku, a work inspired by news reports concerning the tiger resident in Odessa Zoo, poised majestic and resolute despite distant artillery fire, and the continuing courage of the Ukrainian people.  “the tiger in […]
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Paul Yates – LEGION 2021 – Exhibition opens – November 2021

British artist Paul Yates’s latest exhibition reveals the continuing evolution of the Robot theme in his painting.  The genesis of the LEGION series originated in an incident the artist recalled from kindergarten in his poem, BOX HEAD.  At kindergarten the artist and his classmates made robot heads from cardboard boxes as a Halloween project. One boy continued to wear his […]
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The Winter Exhibition opens.

The latest online exhibition by artist Paul Yates opens today at  This exhibition features exquisitely sensitive portraits of a Scottish scarecrow and French ventriloquist doll and a daring new portrayal of the classic Madonna and Child theme.  A masterly series of painted assemblages also feature in the exhibition confirming the continuing power of Yates’s unique imagination.  Yates’s patron Lord […]
Read More launch EMPORIUM a collection of premium fine art gifts featuring the paintings, poetry and film works of Paul Yates.

For the first time collectors of the works of Paul Yates are able to view a wide collection of his works across multiple artistic genres in one place. The new “Emporium” showcases Yates’s works in poetry, art and film making over more than four decades. Highlights include the recent print collections, STORYBOARD and THE ENGLAND SERIES and the newly published […]
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