Lord Glentoran commissions Paul Yates to mark Platinum Jubilee.

This Jubilee portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was inspired by the artist’s 

childhood memories of watching late night BBC television close downs 

in which the Queen appeared on horseback in grainy black and white, 

trooping the colour while the national anthem was played. After the 

television set was switched off, Yates would kneel before the screen and 

watch intensely as the small white dot in the centre of the blackness would 

shrink back into Big Bang eternity, the moment of its final disappearance 

something he could never quite catch. 

Lord Glentoran thanked Paul Yates for the work:

“As long-standing patrons of Paul Yates it was only natural that 

Lady Glentoran and I would commission him to produce a work 

to mark H.M. Queen’s Jubilee. We wanted something original 

and imaginative and indeed the painting he produced exceeds 

our expectations in both aspects. It is a further pleasure to know 

that a print of the image will be published for others to enjoy.”

Paul Yates was honoured to be commissioned to create the celebratory work:

‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the spirit guardian of Britain and all its 

finest hours, inspiring and giving hope to people of all creeds and races 

throughout the world.’ 

This special edition giclee print, 42cms x 60cms, on fine grain canvas is supplied rolled in acid free tissue papers. The first seventy prints will be signed, numbered and embossed with the artist’s monogram to mark the seventy-year reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

For purchase information of this very limited print please see the Home page of Paul Yates Art website. www.paulyatesart.com

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