Scottish Works by Paul Yates at Frazer Gallery, St Andrews

On view and by appointment from 10th June 2022

Unique amongst contemporary British artists Paul Yates has

sustained a highly original and compelling creative output

across, poetry, painting and film-making for over four decades.

His poetry has been translated into several languages, his films

Have won various international awards and his paintings feature

in important private, public and royal collections. Recently one

of his paintings was acquired for the legendary La Colombe d’Or

collection in the south of France. Yates has a high cull rate and

works often remain in the studio for years awaiting just the right

brush stroke or mark-making to bring them ‘into land’ as Yates

is won’t to say. This is Yates’s first show of works in the U.K.

for twelve years. Since 2010 he has exhibited exclusively in the 

south of France.

On his mother’s side Yates’s great grandfather, James Graham,

emigrated from Scotland to Kilkeel in Northern Ireland in the

1880’s. Yates grew up hearing fireside tales of feats of derring-do 

by  the first Marquis of Montrose, incantations for curses and

charms and the fairy ways of the Grey Folk. In the nineteen

nineties Yates’s daughter, Kelly, won a place at St. Andrews

university, this led to the artist visiting Scotland regularly and

inspired a series of poems and paintings including a quartet

depicting their favourite walk in St. Andrews, The Lade Braes,

across the four seasons. Other works available range from 

intriguing observations of subjects such as a shop porch in 

Pittenween and traditional woollen Gansie to more surreal 

pieces, a set of bagpipes sailing the ocean with all the splendour 

of a galleon, a Dunino snowman and the skeleton of legendary 

carthorse Bassey who transported all the stone for the

construction of Bellrock lighthouse.

Further information is available from Roderick Fraser,

Full exhibition can be seen at from June 14

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