Paul Yates Art poster celebrates Biennale International St Paul de Vence 2021

Galerie Casa d”Amor Design have issued the above commemorative gallery poster to mark the 2021 Biennale International Saint-Paul de Vence.

Paul Yates Art are delighted to participate in this key international arts event.

During the last decade Paul Yates has made repeated artistic pilgrimages to the village of Saint-Paul de Vence where he senses the ghosts of artists drawn there before him, in particular the dancer Helene Vanel, who came to Saint-Paul in 1924 to found ‘Ecole Rythme et Couleur ‘ and seek freedom of artistic expression.

His collection STORYBOARD is a series of nine painted collage/assemblages portraying scenes from an imagined film in homage to Saint-Paul and Helene Vanel. 

Works from the series are also available to view and purchase at Casa D’Amor Design.

The poster can also be purchased from Paul Yates Art website.

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