150 Tarot images in new collection

‘ETUDES VERS UN NOUVEAU TAROT Studies Towards A New Tarot, a remarkable series of one hundred and fifty images by Paul Yates after the format of the traditional Marseilles Tarot deck of the 17th century, was launched by Isabelle de Botton, Casa d’Amor Design, Saint-Paul de Vence, as a highlight of the inaugural Saint-Paul Internationale Biennale, 2018.

 Yates’s Tarot series has nothing to do with divination. These images, biographical and imagined, spring from Yates’s unique way of seeing the world. 

On a visit to Ronda in Spain, Yates came across a dilapidated wooden bench with peeling white paint and crippled joints which struck by moonlight suggested to him the spirit of Rocinante , Don Quixote’s trusty steed. 

Other studies portray a man using his jacket to Bull-Fight The Moon, an Upside-Down Tightrope Walker above the Grand Canal in Venice and the mind bending conundrums of a Pantomime Rocking Horse and One Man Musical Chairs. 

Yates’s sojourns to the Cot’e D’Azur also enhance the series with Renoir’s Radiator, Chagall’s Cat, Woman In Shower For Matisse, The Boules’ Queen of Saint-Paul and Clown Driving A Hat!

‘Etudes Vers Un Nouveau Tarot” is testament to Yates’s seemingly limitless imagination and will challenge all who encounter it. 

The edition is published in a limited edition of fifty one decks of one hundred and fifty cards, each embossed with the artist’s monogram, framed collectively and accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity. 

Other versions are in preparation. 

Enquiries to Paul Yates Art via michael@paulyatesart.com

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