British Artist exhibits in celebrated French Gallery

ZURICH – August 2019

STORYBOARD: a series of nine painted collage-assemblages portraying scenes from an imagined film in homage to the town of Saint-Paul by Paul Yates will be exhibited at the prestigious Casa d’Amor Design Gallery in Saint-Paul where works by the likes of Matisse, Picasso and Chagall are on permanent display.

Over the last five years Paul Yates has made repeated artistic pilgrimages to the village of Saint-Paul where he senses the ghosts of artists drawn there before him.

In particular the dancer Helene Vanel, who came to Saint-Paul in 1924 to found ‘ Ecole Rythme et Couleur ‘and seek freedom of artistic expression. 

STORYBOARD was produced at Yates’s County Antrim Studio in Northern Ireland under the patronage of Lord and Lady Glentoran. Intensely private Yates shuns personal publicity and prefers that his works speak for themselves. Lord Glentoran remarks: “Unique in contemporary British art, Paul Yates has sustained a highly original and compelling creative output across poetry, painting and film for some four decades. His paintings reveal an extraordinary imagination and are attracting increasing international attention from connoisseurs of the avant–garde. In Saint Paul De Vence Yates has found a spiritual homeland which inspires and nourishes his creative endeavours and promises much for the future.”

The exhibition will be open from September 6 to 15 at Casa d’Amor Design Gallery,
62 rue Grande 06570 Saint-Paul de Vence France. 11am – 7 pm Daily. The collection can also be seen at  – where posters featuring the work are available.

I MUST NOT WRITE POETRY IN CLASS – a selection of over fifty years of Yates’s poetry will be published later in the year. The title is drawn from an incident at school when as a young teenager Yates was expelled for writing two poems instead of answering questions during a mathematics examination. Before leaving school Yates was forced to write one hundred times on a blackboard I Must Not Write Poetry In Class, a week later the poems in question were broadcast on BBC Radio and yates was reinstated at his school.

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