launch EMPORIUM a collection of premium fine art gifts featuring the paintings, poetry and film works of Paul Yates.

For the first time collectors of the works of Paul Yates are able to view a wide collection of his works across multiple artistic genres in one place.

The new “Emporium” showcases Yates’s works in poetry, art and film making over more than four decades.

Highlights include the recent print collections, STORYBOARD and THE ENGLAND SERIES

and the newly published LE MOT JUSTE, a collection of over one hundred and fifty haiku  and special edition postcard, signed by the artist. 

Jewellery is also available, THE LOVERS, limited edition solid silver pendant and cufflinks inspired by an original drawing made by Yates in 1971. 

Yates’s much lauded film, XII MONTHS OF MOURNE, winner of the coveted Best Direction Award at the New York Festival, will be available on DVD along with audio CDs of his epic prose poem, EAST, his celebration of his native east Belfast.

Yates’s patron, Lord Glentoran remarks: 

“EMPORIUM offers a premium range of special and limited-edition books, jewellery, prints, film and audio works by Paul Yates. This initiative will introduce new audiences to the remarkable diversity and imagination of his art and confirm Yates’s reputation as one of Britain’s most original contemporary artists, consistently challenging himself to explore new ideas. Those seeking truly original fine art gifts that will intrigue and entrance will find them here.”

Paul Yates Art welcomes all those who appreciate fine art and those looking for unique gifts to come and browse Emporium at

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